OLIGO watches are guaranteed for 3 years against all manufacturing defects (parts and labor).



Oligo grants a 3-year (36-month) warranty on all its watches from the date of purchase, subject to the conditions set out in this warranty. This guarantee is total (parts and labour). The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship existing at the time of delivery of the purchased watch. Check the condition of the goods delivered on receipt to exclude obvious material and manufacturing defects, as well as damage due to transport.The bracelets and linings may leave some coloured marks on the skin when wet or sweaty. These are harmless and disappear when rinsed with water. We do not guarantee that any marks on the clothing (e.g. rubbing of the leather on a shirt) can be removed and do not take responsibility for them. These traces are not a sign of poor quality or defect of strap, but a characteristic of a natural product.


The warranty does not cover:

·              Normal wear and tear and wear and tear due to ageing (e.g. scratches at crystal; alteration of the color and/or material of the bracelets, such as leather, textile, rubber);

·              Damage to any part of the watch resulting from improper/abusive use, lack of care, negligence,accidents (knocks, dents, crushing, breakage of the crystal, etc.), improper use of the watch;

·              Any indirect or consequential damages whatsoever resulting from the use, on-operation, defects or lack of accuracy of the watch;

·              the watch handled by an unauthorised person or whose original condition has been altered beyond the control of Oligo. Thus, watches opened, modified, transformed or repaired by a third party not authorised by Oligo are no longer covered by the warranty.


Without limiting the scope of these general terms and conditions of sale, no claim for damages of any kind whatsoever in respect of delivered products, non-delivery of products or otherwise shall exceed the amount of the purchase price of the products which gave rise to the claim. All other claims against Oligo, e.g. for damages additional to those defined in this warranty, are expressly excluded, with the exception of mandatory claims that the purchaser may have against the manufacturer.

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